Sunday, November 8, 2009

Oh No what's for dinner?

I'm here to help. As a mom of 2 who works full time, I need fast easy dinners that I can make with a minimal amount of ingredients, because I can't be spending all my time in my kitchen. Before the children came along, I didn't really cook. If it didn't involve take out or just heating something up, we didn't have dinner. Then the children came and I needed balanced healthy meals so that's how my weekly meal planner was born. Each week, I sit down and plan our meals and create our grocery list. It has definitely made life easier and I no longer dread the question, "Mommy what are we having for dinner?"

I do plan breakfast and lunch as well but they only cycle and don't change weekly unless there is something special going on. Dinner however is MY meal. I am determined that my family will be exposed to a wide variety of food and that we don't get in the dinner time rut. Occasionally I will repeat a meal, but only if it is an absolute favorite of all of us. Otherwise every night is something new. Some are good adventures and some are not, but you never know unless you try!

So here I will present my weekly dinner plans. My original thought is that I will provide one recipe each week that is for the new week and one that was a favorite from the week before. I wll rely on feedback though...if you want a specific recipe, ASK.

Enjoy...what's for dinner!

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